Kelly Brook is literally everywhere at the moment. Well, not literally, obviously. If she was literally everywhere she'd be omnipotent, like God. She'd be a good god. More people would be be Christian if Kelly Brook was God. All though maybe they'd then be called Brookians. We don't know. This is too early to go off on weird tangents; that's for paragraph three.

But Kelly has been 'on the scene' a great deal since appearing in Piranha 3D (if we were being really self-serving we'd say that it's actually since she appeared on our July cover – but we're not). Last night, Kelly Brook was at a party for a launch of a fragrance called Guess Seductive. She looked like this.

Kelly Brook at Guess Seductive launch

That is a good way to look. Kelly Brook always looks good, but in the words of many a cartoon wolf, ha-wah-wee-wah-wah. She looks amazing. She's so pretty. Look at her excellent face.

Kelly Brook close up

That is a face that there is absolutely nothing wrong with. She looks like a pin-up from the 1940s. But she's better than someone from the 1940s because she's not in her late '60s. Win. Also at the party last night was Vanessa Hudgens, who was hosting.

Vanessa Hudgens at Guess launch

Vanessa Hudgens is one of our current obsessions, along with Emma Stone and Mad Men. Unlike Mad Men, Vanessa Hudgens looks really great in leather boots. That's the only way in which they differ. That and all the other ways.

Vanessa Hudgens in leather boots