As film festivals go, Dubai doesn’t really rank too well in Champions League terms. Cannes, Berlin and Venice are looked upon as the ‘big three’ – Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan if you like (yes we know there could be plenty more, but leaving the English teams out makes it a lot easier) – and based on that, Dubai is something around the Unirea Urziceni level.

BUT, before you write the minnows off, look who their big signing was this year, Kelly Brook. And yes she looked very good. This isn’t like Bolton recruiting Ivan Campo at 65, she’s still big time. Probably overdoing the football similes here…

Kelly Brook smiling in a sheer dress at the Dubai Film Festival

So, let’s just stick to the cold hard facts. Kelly was parading around an Islamic state in what looks like next to nothing. Risk. But it’s fine, because the UAE has a policy of tolerance towards other religions (says Wikipedia, believe it), and rarely interferes in the activities of non-Muslims. We breath again.

Of course, we’re sure Kelly had already done that research to make sure she wasn’t going to offend anybody before stepping out. So well done her. And well done Dubai because it means we can see her looking like this all the more often:

Kelly Brook in a sheer dress at the Dubai Film Festival

Seeing as we were praising Dubai we thought we would do a bit more research on them. And they have some pretty impressive sister cities as you would expect: New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Vancouver, Paris, Hong Kong…the British city it is twinned with? Dundee. Hmm.