Because New Look were having a 5th Anniversary party in Dubai. And you've probably noticed that Kelly sometimes wears New Look clothing. By sometimes we mean that she's got a deal with them, so she wears it a fair bit.  And by a fair bit mean that she designs as well as models for them. And by golly, we think thats gotta sell some swimwear. Also Kelly Brook rhymes with New Look, which although completely irrelevent, is a fun fact that you can tell your friends when you show them the pictures in this here article.

Kelly Brook in black mini dress talks to friend with champagne at New Look
Do you think she's talking about dinosaurs? We do. She's probably talking about Stegosaurus.

New Look probably give her free dresses too. And it works, because Kelly looks really, really good in clothes (need we say any more?). As a designer she's up to her fifth range now. We're not sure if this dress (technically a 'minidress') is one of hers but FHM approves all the same.



Kelly Brook in black mini dress, sitting and smiling at new look
Stegosaurus makes Kelly Brook smile. 

Also at the event she enjoyed some champagne and did a bit of talking on the stage. FHM wasn't there for her speech but we're confident that it was just as good as her clothing, and if it wasn't that's OK, because it was Kelly Brook in that dress and you could just enjoy the view instead..

Also a little thing about Dubai. Forgive us if we're being flat out wrong, but we thought that it was a country not so keen on women dressing 'liberally'. Maybe this all happened in some secret sexy headquarters, or maybe the authorities decided to reform their laws after looking at Kelly Brook in a minidress. Probably not, but we'll never know.

 Kelly Brook in black mini dress with microphone at new look
And then there was a speech about Stegosaurus and there were lights and smoke and some legs.

And now we know that Kelly likes champagne and chocolate cake. Remember that when planning your next party.