Recently pregnant Kelly Brook has been running around somewhere sunny looking pretty and pretending to enjoy herself on behalf of Reebok, who are presumably paying her to do so. I doubt we’d be that happy to have pictures taken of us running around in what amounts to our scanties unless there was some serious money in the offing.

The star of Piranha 3D has been done up head to toe in Reebok products (although, thankfully, there’s not an awful lot of material making up the distance between “head” and “toe”) and is running around, grinning and laughing, happy to be adequately supported in her athletic endeavours by a quality sports bra.

Kelly Brook blue sport bra
We'd adeqautely support her in her athletic endeavours, if you know what we mean

Maybe she is genuinely happy – after all, with assets like Kelly’s, you’d need some special protection to stop them throwing you off balance as you skip gaily down the street. Or, as we can see here, standing still and looking sexily into the camera.

But what’s really important is that, under the tight layers of branded fabric, Kelly is pregnant. Which is great, and all, but we’re going to miss her being able to do shoots like these, and instead getting all grumpy and broody and nauseous and focusing on “being a mother” and “starting a family” rather than “running around not wearing an awful lot” and “looking sexily into the camera.”

Kelly Brook running
Run, Kelly! Run fast like the wind!

Ho hum. We should count our blessings. At least pregnancy will further increase her need for an effective sports bra, on account of her bigger breasts, and we could maybe get some pictures when that happens? We’re not picky. We love you, Kelly. Don’t forget us when you’re off raising a child and being responsible.