After all the public unrest that took place earlier in the month, it’s good to know that London’s problems have been all but resolved. How do we know this? Because Boris Johnson can now take time out from his busy, post-riots schedule and put down his broom for a few moments to join Kelly Brook on a bike ride through central London on a sunny August afternoon, to promote this year’s London Sky Ride.

This is the third year that Kelly has backed the campaign, which encourages Britons to get on their bikes and start riding. Oddly, the former Big Breakfast star has gone for the same combination of a summer dress and high heels every time she’s made an appearance to launch the campaign.

Those shoes are an accident waiting to happen

We have a problem with this. Not only is Kel setting a bad example for youngsters by wearing unsafe footwear for cycling, but it also suggests that, as great as she looks, Kelly doesn’t understand what attire is suitable for bike rides. It’s probably for this exact reason that she tweeted Boris prior to the event: "Looking forward to seeing you Thursday!! What are you wearing???? lol."

And riding one-handed? She is insane

It seems she didn’t take any tips from BoJo. Thankfully.  We’re not sure a baggy blue suit, a ruffled blonde wig and an overly long tie would have suited her. It may however, have been more suitable for cycling.

We personally would have preferred to see her in a nice Team GB spandex number, but hey, there’s always next year. And the year after that. And the year after that.