Kelly Brook has literally never disappointed. She is like a bastion of large breasted hope in this cruel and twisted world. Here she is looking sugar and spice and all things nice frolicking on the beach on set in LA.

The best thing you could ever find on safari

Miss Brook isn’t half a busy woman. When she’s not owning the catwalk flogging swanky trainers, she’s treading the boards being a thespian (THESpian) and that. Next up she’s set to be a movie star and then she is perfectly poised to take over the world.

Stumbling across these pictures of her is like suddenly remembering there’s that brilliant chocolatey bit at the bottom of your Cornetto. She is one of those women who seems to be defiantly refusing to age. We bet her female friends secretly undo her bra at girly lunches in the vain hope her breasts will just fall into her lap.

White towels can be pretty funny

But no, she is joyful and frolicky and there is nothing we celebrate more at FHM than a woman skipping about in a bikini. Especially when that woman’s breasts seem to live in Never Neverland.

All we want to do is run through the sand with her and lock hands and spin really really fast till we’re dizzy and we fall down laughing and just hilarious because we’re so dizzy and in love. Maybe we would splash her in the sea and she’d giggle. Although the last time we tried that with a girl she cried because we accidentally lobbed a sand-pat in her eye. Whoopsie daisies.