The tremendously sexy Kelly Brook is still out and about at the Ischia film festival in Italy – but now she’s in a bikini. No need to thank us. Kelly’s magnificent breasts are thanks enough.

Kelly Brook in a sexy bikini in Italy
God they're just magic aren't they

Kelly has been living up to her title as one of the best bikini models in the known Universe (alongside Kate Upton and Candice Swanepoel – your opinion may differ) by, well, wearing a pair of sexy bikinis. As she is wont to do. This is why we love Kelly – well, it’s one of the many reasons why we love Kelly. We’d never think to take multiple changes of swimwear on holiday with us. We’ve been using the same pair of ratty swim trunks since we were 17.

They still sort of fit, even, which is nice, although we’re not sure that they were originally. They were white, possibly. We’re considering calling Time Team to make an analysis.

Kelly Brook dancing on a beach
Kelly cunningly stole everyone's shoes after the dance and pawned them for sweetie money

Anyway, enough about our crusty shorts. Aside from being generally bikini-clad and lovely, Kelly Brook has gone and had a dance on the beach at night – again, because she’s Kelly Brook, she did it in a lovely dress surrounded by vaguely famous people.

Italian swimming pools: too big?

Similarly, we’d have just gone in our shorts – probably on our own, too - but that doesn’t sell a lot of magazines (which is why the mag Drunk Journos On Holiday is still awaiting publication due to a lack of financial backing) and doesn’t look anywhere near as good. Thank heavens for Kelly Brook, eh? Lovely, lovely Kelly Brook.