It’s actually only been three weeks since we last saw Kelly Brook on, when she was running around in Reebok sportswear and generally looking as happy and busty as ever. But she’s properly with child now, and that actually seems to have made her happier and bustier still, which is awesome although to be honest we thought she already had those particular dials turned to full.

We’ve got some pics of her attending a Lynx event called Last Night on Earth, which is a pretty clever reference to their current ad campaign where angels smash bodily into concrete so as to get nearer blokes that are wearing their deodorant. Maybe all the angels are going home now, because God wants them to do their chores. Or something.

Furry wall leaned in for a closer look

(If you’re interested in the girls from that campaign, by the way, we’ve gone to the trouble of getting some pictures and interviews with them, which you can take a look at in our Lynx article. No need to thank us, we’re just nice like that)

Kelly’s still in that magic stage of pregnancy before it becomes readily apparent that there’s a whole other miniature person living inside her torso (pretty creepy when you think about it), but her breasts are getting, well, ready for childbirth and that’s great. That’s not pervy, is it?

Shadow had claimed one foot, and had aims on the others

Kelly was attending the party as an official “Archangel,” which is possibly the best title you can receive. Even if it is from a company that flavours sweat for a living. So, yes – the world has not changed despite Kelly’s pregnancy, and some small parts of it seem to have actually got better. Two parts. And they’re not actually all that small.