10 sexy lingerie ads that prove the bra is absolutely perfect how it is

Posted by , 03 February 2014

10 sexy lingerie ads that prove the bra is absolutely perfect how it is


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    Eva Herzigova for Wonderbra, 1994

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    The annual Victoria’s Secret catwalk show

As lifelong nemesis go, the common bra is definitely at the top of most blokes' lists.
The fiddly, chesty chastity belts have been the bane of blokes' lives for years, from your awkward teenage fumbles to the utterly embarrassing drunken escapades that have dotted your adult life.
We’ve all been defeated by a bra at some point, and if you say you haven’t you’re almost certainly a liar.
So, it makes absolutely no sense to us that anybody would want to create a bra that’s even more difficult to unhook than the standard efforts. Because, quite frankly, they’re bloody impossible enough as it is.
But that’s not stopped Japanese lingerie brand Ravijour from trying. It's created the ultimate bra for the digital age, a set of futuristic cups that will only open if the lady wearing it is in love.

In terms of pioneering romance and good ol’’fashioned values, it’s genius. If not a little off putting, at the very least it’ll definitely cut down regrettable one-night-stands. But is it really necessary?
Probably not, considering most of us couldn’t even open one if it came with a key. It might as well be a Rubik’s cube. A sexy, lacy Rubik’s cube.
Check out our gallery above that shows that the bra really is absolutely perfect the way it is. Complicated fasteners and all.


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