Still reeling from the dizzying acclaim of her film role in Piranha 3D, Kelly Brook now has her sights firmly set on Hollywood. She is currently in talks for a role in the much awaited Mission: Impossible IV. Much awaited by the Americans, anyhow. We prefer Bond any day. Yes, Ethan Hunt would probably destroy your average Bond (we're thinking Roger Moore and George Lazenby here, not the awesome freak of nature that is Daniel Craig), but he lacks the charisma, humour and general suaveness that qualifies as the true essence of a well-rounded secret operative. Don't even get us started on that Jason Bourne. For all his humanity, he makes Robocop look like Nelson Mandela.

With superstardom beckoning imminently, Kelly has also signed up to two other films, telling IANS, "I am reading a couple of scripts, and my agent is in talks with many production houses. You will see me very shortly in Hotel California and Burn Off." Indeed, we very much look forward to doing so. All we ask, Kel, is that once you've got the house in Beverly Hills and the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, don't forget about your old pals at FHM. We like to think that we helped you along, just a little bit.