Last night we went to the launch party for LG’s new Optimus One phone. Now, we must admit we were sold on the free bar, canapés and music, plus the location of The Penthouse nightclub in Leicester Square. We were then pretty impressed when a guy dressed a lot like a magician showed us just how quick the phone is. And then we were REALLY impressed when Kelly Brook showed up.

Yup, we were stood there - beer in hand - debating the best opening line to have a chat with Chris Kamara, when we looked across the bar and saw Kelly Brook. We really wanted to go and talk to her, but by the time we’d prepared ourselves by reading everything in Upgrade that we could, she was occupied. And stayed that way. So we were left leering like...well like any one who had just seen Kelly Brook looking like this ten feet away would:

We're sure she was pleased to see us...

We’ve been seeing a lot of Kelly recently (albeit virtually) after we wondered if she was hooking up with Dizzee Rascal, and brought you her playing sexy usherette for Carlsberg. It’s a lot of exposure for one gal. But, if we’re honest, we’re not even slightly worried about overloading on the Brook. It’s not possible.

The party also included Kara Tointon (apparently – we didn’t see her) and Daisy Lowe. But we’re sure you can forgive us for being distracted from anyone else when you have just laid eyes on someone who we ogled at several times looking like this: