Kelly Brook is currently in Los Angeles doing what Kelly Brook does best. And by this we mean, modelling bikinis, smiling in the sunshine and walking down the street in a snug top and tight-fitting leather trousers.

Have any of you ever walked down the street in a snug top and tight-fitting leather trousers? If so, email, because it sounds like one hell of a letter in the making. If not, we have one word for you: chafing.

Smokin': Kelly goes hell for leather

Kelly Brook doesn’t suffer from chafing. We know this, because we’ve interviewed the 31-year-old model several times and have her mobile number in our little black book. True fact.

Other things we’ve learnt from Kelly over the years include: she wears the same perfume as Madonna; she was once sick in a very expensive handbag; she isn’t scared of lions; and she eats Rice Krispies for breakfast.

We'd rather have a bowl of Coco Pops. Nice view, though

See, told you. That picture is from Kelly’s Twitter feed and, along with her love for a certain breakfast cereal, it displays the view from the luxury pad she’s currently renting in LA.

What’s that? Where is it exactly? We’re not going to tell you, partly because we don’t want to text Kelly in the middle of the night, but mainly because you may be a crazed stalker with a leather fetish who is so turned on by these pictures that you've just logged onto an airline website and booked an economy class ticket on the next flight to LA. Enjoy the movies. And then your cell, Sir.