If there's one thing we like about Guy Ritchie (aside from his wife, ex-Lynx Effect girl Jacqui Ainsley) it's the way he can make even Sherlock Holmes interesting.

Noomi Rapace
This is Noomi Rapace. She's also interesting

Here's a revelation for you – Sherlock Holmes is formulaic, dick-waving rubbish. Once you realise that Holmes is to mystery what Superman is to, um, everything else then all yer pomp and Victoriana quickly loses its charm as he rocks up at the end of a story and promptly solves it with the most ridiculous solution possible – kind of like that fella Jonathan Creek, but without Julia Sawalha to quietly perv over.1

BUT Guy Ritchie solved this age-old problem by putting wiry badass Robert Downey Jr in the role of Holmes and made him PUNCH PEOPLE UNCONSCIOUS using the raw power of MATHS. That's a good thing. He also puts pretty ladies in the films and has them interact with people, and pretty ladies in films are vastly superior to descriptions of pretty ladies in books.

Kelly Reilly
There are few descriptions as interesting as this picture of Kelly Reilly, for example

Ladies like Noomi Rapace (Swedish, is in that filmThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but isn't that girl with the dragon tattoo, she plays someone else) and Kelly Reilly (English, done a lot of plays and high-falutin' stuff, been described by The Times as “theatrical Viagra” due to her propensity for nude scenes). Here they are being awesome at the premiere for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows which we are probably going to go and watch next weekend when it's released to the public at large. 

He fights with MATHS. That's so cool.