As you can see, X Factor judge and Destiny's Child alumnus Kelly Rowland is having a good old singsong near some ladders in these shots. She did it as part of a Radio 1Xtra concert held at the Brixton Academy last week, which is nice. But why ladders? We invented some entirely fake reasons why, because reality is boring:

- Even though she's quite a tall lady, Kelly's concerned about not being tall enough to give her big numbers justice - so she jumps on the ladders during choruses to give her some extra gravitas, or so she thinks

Kelly Rowland sings near some ladders
'It's just not cutting it', thought Kelly, as she sang through the bridge

- Due to outmoded and poorly thought-out folk beliefs, she believes that climbing ladders helps her reach high notes

- The stage is still set up from a performance of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, except in this retelling Willy Loman is a ladder salesman and keeps his merchandise around the house

- A bargain-bin Stomp knockoff (called The Stepladder Noise Collective) are supporting her, but were quickly sued by Stomp's legal team halfway through their first number and had to flee through the stage door leaving their 'instruments' as they ran

Kelly Rowland sings near some ladders
'Stepladder Noise Collective' is actually a pretty good name for a band

- Kelly has a large collection of over nineteen 'lucky' ladders, and she refuses to go onstage without at least seven of them being present. While many of them are interchangeable, several of the older ones have names like 'Mr Steppy,' Captain Widerungs' and 'John Q Ascension' that she has given them over the years

- Kelly is supplementing her singing career by doing painting and redecorating part-time. After finishing off the Brixton Academy, the event organisers thought it might be fun to let her have a go at performing seeing as she'd made the hall look so nice

Pick your own favourite, or make up your own in the comments below. Whatever. SEIZE MONDAY.