Looking at these pictures of Kelly Rowland shaking her funky stuff performing at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas in a sheer top earlier this week, we felt a bit guilty about overlooking her in her Destiny’s Child prime.

Ah…Those were the days. The '90's, when girl bands started telling teenage girls to take off all their makeup and teenage boys guys to get jobs, stop shouting at them in cars and take them out to dinner. Saying that, some of them were a bit gnarly and frightening with their colourful cornrows and teeth kissing.

Actually, if you listened hard enough Destiny’s Child were a tiny bit scary, but they were so damn sexy we got distracted and forgot to turn over new leaves, stop calling them up on their cell and giving them our paycheck and stuff.

Kelly Rowland
Love's not the only thing taking over for Ms. Rowland

It’s been long and winding road with Kelly. First she warmed the cockles of our er… hearts with all that sprauncing about on beaches in rags. She made us really sad with that video about the basketball player and the girl whose hands were the same size as Marylin Monroe’s and then she just popped out of the woodwork and started bashing out club anthems.

Back in the day Kelly was the one you said was hot because Beyonce was a bit backed up with people saying she was hot and in your warped imagination you had more of a chance with her. But Kelly’s really stepped up her game with this evening wear. Still, wouldn’t wanna be her when she peels off that masking tape.