In the week that former Destiny’s Child bandmate Beyoncé released THIS super-bouncy number, Kelly Rowland has returned that music video-y serve with a forehand thwack of her own in the shape of Lay It On Me.

Making a music video must be sweet. It’s like being a kid in a sweet shop, but a sweet shop that, thanks to some weird juvenile lottery, you own.

Whatever you want, whatever you can possibly dream of, you simply have to ask and some eager runner will nip off and get it for you.

Kelly Rowland Lay It On Me
A wall of tin foil. Also pictured: Kelly Rowland

X Factor judge Kelly Rowland obviously said “All I want really is a massive wall of tin foil, a Slinky and a big pack of ripped guys who spend more time working out than I do being all lovely and glossy and supportive of my girls”. So the producers were like “God yeah sure no problem here you go”.

Kelly Rowland black dress
Drama afoot

“Wait,” said Kelly. “I hadn’t finished. I also want AN ELEPHANT.”

Confused glances were exchanged.

“An elephant, Kel?”

“Yes, a bloody elephant. Is there a problem? It’s only a bloody elephant."

As Kelly storms out of the studio, she turns back... "I bet if Beyoncé wanted an elephant she’d get an elephant.”

"Okay guys, Kelly's pulled the Beyoncé card again. Does anyone know an elephant?"

And so K-Ro got her elephant.

Kelly Rowland elephant
In your face, Beyoncé

If we were making a music video, we wouldn't ask for an elephant. We'd ask for a five-kilo block of nougat so we could just claw fistfuls of it into our mouth whenever we wanted and definitely no rain or wind - why is it always so friggin' rainy and windy in these music videos, anyway? Where do they film them, Scotland?