5 hot Grammy girls who deserve more attention than Pharrell's hat

Posted by , 27 January 2014



"Who IS the beautifully deadpan girl standing next to Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon?" we found ourselves asking last night. And after a little bit of Googling, we learned that her name is Charlotte Kemp Muhl and she is actually Lennon the Younger's girlfriend of the past eight years.

They're in a band together called Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger. Which means they are basically the ultimate hipster couple and far too cool to crack a smile on the red carpet.

Not that that is really a bad thing. It gives her a certain, intriguing Jane-from-Breaking-Bad aura that makes us feel compelled to find out more about this hot, gothy stranger.

Naturally, we discovered that, as well as a musician, she's also a model.

Which she is evidently pretty good at. In an interview together for Vanity Fair, Sean even said, “People assume she’s with me for the wrong reasons. They don’t realise she makes more money than I do.”*

*The fact that he's the son of one of the bloomin' Beatles is only slightly irrelevant.

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