Keira Knightley is wearing some cow leather and sitting on a bike, if you're wired up like us then you'll be thinking the same thing. That's right, I could murder a spritz of perfume right now.

Well, that's what the people at Chanel thought too, which is why they plonked Keira Knightley on a bike in France. We have to admit she look pretty sexy, considering she is very clothed. Lord knows she should be because safe bikers wear lots of layers, no one likes having their face grinded on to the pavement through irresponsible biking. Except those scary people at Think! who use horrible images for their road safety adverts.

This is what she looked like:

These men had the special job of standing around looking ordinary whilst Keira looked a bit bloody spectacular.

Yep, that man certainly has the view from the van quite secure. Quite secure indeed.

This image would be great, if it wasn't blurry, unfortunately there was a man at the side of the picture who the camera was focussed on instead. We cropped him out for ruining our day. This was bad camera-manning by the camera man. But still, you can see it could have been a great picture, but now it's just an okay one.

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Here's a video about Keira Knightley going to the theatre, she's classy like that, you never hear stories about her going to KFC and having a fight, oh no, she's far too lovely for that.