Hey Kardashians, we’re behind you guys sticking with a theme, but this might be taking it a little bit too far. What’s wrong with the word “Collection?” It’s an understated and somewhat classy way of saying that the clothes indicated alongside aren’t some shot-in-the-dark one-off attempt at fashion, but more that they’re part of a full range of clothes developed along similar themes. We’ve got nothing against the word “Collection.” Fine, upstanding, law-abiding word. FHM Collections? EXACTLY.

Kim and her sisters for the Kardashian Kollection
You'd never catch it selling fags to kids out the back of a Co-Op

But “Kollection,” as in “The Kardashian Kollection?” That’s not great. “Kollection” puts us in mind of the heavy metal mix CDs we used to burn at the age of 15, when we decided the best way to deal with rampaging hormones and a lack of understanding with the world was to grow our hair long and swear at everybody. We’re glad we grew out of that, and we’re still helping the chaps at Kerrang! to get through it a day at a time.

Still, it’s all done now. Kim – along with Kourtney and Khloë, but sadly missing brother Robert presumably because his name doesn’t begin with the same letter – have gone and released it with a K on the front, and atmosphere be damned. To celebrate this (and to give us a reason to publish an article about it, we presume) all three of them are lounging about  in a variety of tight clothing. Which is, you know, just super.

Kim and her sisters for the Kardashian Kollection
We're all for that

If you’re in a branch of Sears any time soon (which is fairly unlikely, let’s be honest) then you should go check it out.  If that’s the sort of thing you’re into.