Kim Kardashian went out last night dressed in a tight multi-coloured Alexander McQueen dress thing. Usually this would be news in itself, but amazingly this was only the second most exciting Monday night ‘Kim update’. The most exciting? That the multi-millionaire debutante and reality TV star was on stage with Prince.

Ripped Lobster went for the 'trombone'

But before you run off and tell Kate, it wasn’t our Prince, it was America’s Prince. No, not Will Smith, he was The Fresh Prince. Prince, as in Prince, the pop star.

Right, now we’ve got that sorted, on with the news. The artist whose named used to be a symbol (read: Prince), pulled 30-year-old hottie Kim, who can currently be found adorning the cover of FHM’s March issue, up to the stage during the part of the show where he invites audience members to dance.

FHM March, run to your newsagent NOW!

Cue the crowd at Madison Square Garden being treated to a boxer short-tightening display of booty-shaking, right? Wrong. Cue Kim coming over all shy, giggling and refusing to dance.

Kim's conga never truly got going

’I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!’ Kim told her 7 million Twitter followers afterwards, and FHM can appreciate why. Not because we’ve ever been on stage with Prince, you understand, but because he’s small, he looks slightly creepy and his voice is really, really high.

But wait, Kim’s nervousness isn’t the end of the story. No, the story ends with Kim composing herself, before returning to the stage and playing the piano while Prince danced. Apparently it was really good too. Although you probably had to be there...