Kim Kardashian’s just done another shoot for Skechers, and she brought her cleavage with her. We figured you might want to see.

We’re sure you’re fully aware of Kim’s sexy Skecher spokesperson status (try saying that three times quickly) as we’ve told you about her running around in the shoes and filming the advert for them in the not-too-distant past.

Kim Kardashian shoots a Skechers photo ad
If you look closely, you can see that there are actually some shoes in this picture

But we’re thorough here at FHM, and we want you to know about everything that Kim Kardashian (and her cleavage) are doing. We figure it’s vital knowledge for you chaps and chapesses out there.

These shots are by a chap called Nick Saglimbeni, according to the watermark, which is nice. He took them as part of a photoshoot for Skechers in which Kim wore those wobbly shoes that make you fall over a little bit all the time. Great stuff. We’re all definitely looking at the shoes.

Kim Kardashian shoots a Skechers photo ad
They're a little clearer in this one

It’s also worth mentioning that Kim’s mum Kris was taking part the in photoshoot as well. That’s nice. We never really do anything with our mums, short of maybe going round to dinner once in a while and, you know, Christmas etc.

We’ve certainly never taken part in a fashion photoshoot with them, and we bet they’d love that. Getting all dressed up and stuff. We feel kind of bad about ourselves, now. 

Shame on us

If you’ve never taken your mum on a photoshoot, or if you’ve just generally been neglecting her a bit lately (we understand, work’s been hard and everything, but she’s your mum for goodness sake) then why not give her a ring tonight and say hello? We bet she’ll appreciate it.

And finally, breasts!