Team Kardashian are urging you to get up off your arse, stop devouring that entire box of chocolate fingers, and get in shape. No, it's not a charitable campaign they're running for the sake of a nation plagued by obesity and chronic laziness, it's sponsored by Skechers.

We've never owned a pair of Skechers ourselves. But that's just out of personal preference. They're not in alignment with our sense of general aesthetics. As a matter of fact, they rival Crocs in producing the most hideously ugly footwear on the market.

 The Kardashians like Skechers

Evidently, the Kardashian clan do not share our sentiments, otherwise what could possibly compel them to endorse such a brand? Surely they wouldn't compromise their footwear ethics for the sake of a few million dollars? We certainly wouldn't.

Though at least now we know where Khloe, Kim and Kourtney all get their looks from. Yes, mummy Kardashian, or Kris Jenner, as she's known to the wider world (second from right, if you couldn't tell), has signed an endorsement deal alongside her daughters for a new "Kardashian Collection". Apparently, they are magic shoes, helping you to tone up as you run, and equipped with jet propulsion technology that'll enable you to outrun a cheetah should you ever stumble into their enclosure.

It's not the most flattering of looks for Kim, but it's difficult to appear sensational in everything you wear. Now, if only she'd take off those bloody shoes, things would start to look better. She could then follow this by removing her jacket, and by that time she would've exerted enough effort to feel as though she may as well just go the full way. However, this sequence of events will only occur on utterance of a secret codeword. Keep it to yourselves. The word is Playboy.