First, the bad news: Kim Kardashian is engaged. Engaged to be married, we mean, not unavailable to take your call on the telephone. That means the chances of you and her ever hooking up have diminished. Diminished from ‘pretty much no chance whatsoever’ to ‘don’t even get caught looking at her if you ever happen to see her in the flesh – although, let’s face it, you probably never will – because her man mountain of a husband probably won’t be best pleased'.

But, now, the good news: her impending marriage offered K-Kardy the perfect excuse for a right ol’ tear up in the shape of her hen party.

Yep, Kim and pals hit TAO in Las Vegas for a night away from the usual humdrum of their normal lives. They got VIP entry to an exclusive club, wore expensive clothes that they almost certainly didn't pay for, had a few drinks, and posed for lots of photos. Such a relief to get a night off. A change is as good as a rest, as they say.

Kim Kardashian hen party
Wait... why's she holding a golf club?

We're not sure why Kim Kardashian is holding a golf club in the above picture. Maybe her and her pals had been playing the classic stag and hen game of 'pub golf'.

We played that recently on a stag do in Blackpool. It was fun. The best man had included 'hazards' on some holes - things like "no right-hand drinking" or "no first names allowed", all punishable by penalty Sambuca. In the end, the real hazards were more along the lines of "don't get beaten up by angry-looking locals" and "that nine-inch margherita we bought at 3am which, oddly, was capable of independent movement".

Kim probably didn't have those problems. We don't know why she didn't think to have her hen in Blackpool. Maybe it was fully booked.

Kim Kardashian hen party dress
"Fuck's sake Maggie you're always getting your elbow in photos what is it with you?!"