Jumbo-bummed ultra-hottie Kim Kardiashian whooshed through the 10 million Facebook Likes barrier last week – leaving little sis Khloe in the dust with a paltry 5,935,423 Likes.

However, Kim still pales in comparison to Queen of Facebook Nicki Minaj, who not only has more than twice as many Likes, but also has an even bigger bum. Could the two things be connected? Only a fool would think otherwise.

Anyway, yesterday Kim repaid our slavish devotion to her by tweeting the pic below. Now, we may be unable to recall exactly what it is that Kim is famous for, and she may arguably represent everything that's wrong with Western civilisation in the 21st century, but by Sweet Weeping Jesus, just look at how fit she is.

All is forgiven, Kim. Here's another $100m.