This week Kim Kardashian went to a party to drink some cocktails and wear a little black dress. Yes, that might sound like a typical night out for her, but it’s kind of her job, isn’t it?

Well, she doesn’t really have a job. Her official title is Famous Person, or Sex Tape Extraordinaire. Or Reality TV Mogul. Take your pick, Kim-Kard.

Anyway, as part of that role, she attends glamorous parties and samples new drinks, giving them her A-list seal of approval. Take, for example, this Midori melon liqueur, which is green and goes in drinks to make drinks taste more like melons.

Kim fashioned some last-minute earrings from old Quality Street wrappers

Naturally, you don’t want a melon-y tang in your lager, but we imagine it would make some drinks taste nicer. It would probably make binge drinking a little more palatable, too, but you know we don’t condone that sort of thing.

To be honest, we’re not that interested in exotic drinks when we’re hitting ‘the club’ with our ‘crew’ and throwing some ‘shapes’. But anything Kim Kardashian publically approves has to be worth considering. Well, except those posture-improving shoes that look like foam shrimps. We don’t like them.

Kim was voted 15th in our 100 Sexiest poll last week, and if she’s upset by it, well, she isn’t showing it. She’s just focusing on her work, which translates to going out and drinking cocktails and wearing a dress.


EDIT: According to the stylish women-folk of FHM, Kim is wearing a cocktail dress in these pictures. Considering she’s drinking cocktails, this makes the whole thing funny in a totally new way.