Question: what stars FHM’s current cover star Kim Kardashian and a strapping young man, starts with a breathy pant, features a plethora of rolling about on the ground and a vat-load of sweat and ends with a close-up on Kim’s bootylicious behind?

Answer until last night: her sex tape with American rapper Ray J. Answer now: her sex tape with American rapper Ray J and the Skechers ad that aired during Superbowl XLV.

The advert, which pimps the trainer company’s new springy soled ‘Shape-up‘ range, may last a mere 30 seconds, but it cost the brand over $3 million and it has a surprising array of highlights.

Memorable moments like… the slow pan over Kim’s chest; the slow pan up Kim’s abs; the bit when Kim coquettishly whispers ‘you’re amazing, the best I’ve ever had’; and the lingering close-up of Kim’s astonishing ass. But don’t just take our word for it, here's a sneak peek. 

Abs-olutely fabulous

Done that? Still need more Kim in your life? Then clock on her profile, turn onto E! (the channel, which basically shows her reality programmes 24/7), or get your presumably non-springy trainers on, sprint down to your local vendor of news and get your mitts on our latest issue. It’s an undeniable masterpiece that includes a) the best feature on boasting in the history of the world ever, b) a global chat-up guide, c) a joke about a monkey in a minefield and d) Kim’s first and only UK cover shoot.