You may have heard of Jay Leno. In Americaland, Jay is a cultural institution. One of those chat show hosts who's been around so long that they become part of the TV furniture. 

It's a bit like we have with Parkinson, except Jay Leno is usually less serious and has a more prominent chin. So more telling of preprepared jokes and chin stroking. Plus less serious, introspective questioning and thoughtful pauses for silence. Jay also has sports cars. Lots of them. And that's not really Parky is it?

Kris learns what's what.

Anyway, as the title and pictures have already given away, Kim Kardashian and her distinctly tall boyfriend Kris went on the show. 'Twas their first joint TV appearance, isn't that sweet? They talked about all the standard celebrity stuff, blah blah blah, at some point we think the word 'pregnant' was used (don't worry, just hype) but then JAY MIXED THINGS UP A BIT with the application of fire to treasured posessions.

Say what?

He tried to burn her wedding ring. Yes, her $2 million, 20.5 carat ring. Apparently some people thought it was fake and the best way to dissuade them from these silly notions was to prove that it wasn't  in a stress test. Kim also asked him to sign a contract to refund the money, in case all went wrong. Apparently Jay has megabucks so this, assumedly, would have been no problem..

And so, in a scene like something out of Tolkien, the ring survived unscathed and Kim flipped out a little bit. But not much, she was mostly ice cool - considering this was all going down on TV! Bravo Kim.

Jay Leno/Sauron.

She later Tweeted about it; 

"OMG u will NOT believe what Jay Leno did to my ring tonight on the show!!!! I almost cried! LOL,"

We're glad Kim didn't cry. It'd be distressing, and a bit uncomfortable. We would like her to keep smiling and smiling and smiling,  and because she has a nice smile and it'd be not distressing, we'd keep smiling too. Smiles all around.

If you look carefully at the notation on her dress you'll notice that it is actually the sheet music for Concerning Hobbits