Gosh, Kim Kardashian gets about, doesn’t she? You can barely slow her down. When she’s not attending parties, selling shoes, attending other parties or selling shoes in a different medium, she’s all over the cover of fancy magazines. Fancy magazines like the World’s Most Beautiful.

World’s Most Beautiful is a new title – launching this month in fact – and seems to focus, appropriately, around the world’s most beautiful things and people. In the 'things' category it’s mostly cars, and in the 'people' category it’s entirely women. Also there is a monkey, but it’s not the world’s most beautiful monkey, so God knows how it got into the video. Crafty little buggers, monkeys are.

Kim Kardashian for WMB magazine
They have such tiny deft hands

They reckon that Kim is one of the world’s most beautiful women (as do you chaps and chapesses, voting her 15th Sexiest this year) so she’s covering their first issue, and fair play to her. She looks great. Alongside Kim are a multitude of women, often scantily-clad, none of whom we recognise but all of whom are predictably gorgeous.

Also they all have the same look in their eyes as though they just woke up. Not sure if that’s the photographer at work, there. “Look more sleepy! Sultry and sleepy! Like a sexy sloth! Someone bring this girl some more Ovaltine, she’s just not GETTING IT.”

Or maybe not. Anyway. Enjoy the video. It hints that it’s in 3D, but it’s not obviously because we can look at it without getting a headache. Apparently the final product will be in 3D, which is fun if a little superfluous. Like Kim Kardashian! No, we’re just kidding Kim, we love you really.