What do you think Kim Kardashian smells like? It’s a question we’ve pondered a lot recently. Ponderings that have resulted in us forming the following opinion: we believe Kim Kardashian smells like a cross between your girlfriend when she’s just come out of the shower and one of those American strippers who won’t take their thong off, but will grind their dimple-free skin up against your face.

Said strippers are really frustrating aren’t they? And what’s the deal with paying for a private dance, then getting it at your seat, in front of everyone. British strip clubs we salute, you are superior to your American brethren.

British reality TV stars we don’t salute you, however, because you are not superior to your American brethren. They are far, far superior to you, as Kim Kardashian’s theme park of a body proves.

Kim Kardashian, in case you’ve never turned on a computer or television before, is the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, a reality show that airs on E! and revolves around the lives of the Kardashian clan.

So what goes on? Where do we start? There’s just so much in every episode. Just kidding, essentially nothing of note happens, it’s just one big vehicle to a) publicise Kim curves and b) publicise Kim’s businesses and brand extensions, like, for example, her fragrance.

And this shoe-horned link bring us back to the point of this piece nicely. Namely: someone took a picture of Kim publicising her fragrance (also called ‘Kim Kardashian) in Glendale, California last night. And that’s it. That’s the point of this story. Simples.

Kim soon regretted posing on a see-saw