It seems that every shoe company is releasing a specialist toning shoe right about now without saying an awful lot about what they do. Indeed, Kim Kardashian has helped out US foot-coverers Skechers (a name crying out for a “t” in it if there ever was one) by getting all sexy and steamy in their superbowl advert.

From what we can tell, these shoes are made intentionally badly, and that somehow makes your legs look better. The gist of it is that while normal, functional shoes are designed to help you stand up straight and walk around places without falling over or getting your foot lacerated with sharp glass, these “fitness” shoes are designed to make you fall over. A bit. All the time. For fitness!

Kim Kardashian models Skechers trainers and tries not to fall over
Kim Kardashian: falling over

By rounding off the bottom of the shoe, you need to continually balance yourself to stop from falling over completely, which apparently leads to fitness. Well whoop de doo. Walking around the place is already tiresome enough as it is We don’t see why you should factor the constant threat of face-planting into the mix.

If we’ve got it wrong, by the way, and they do something else, feel free to comment and tell us otherwise. Our apologies in advance.

Kim Kardashian struts her stuff while wearing Skechers trainers
Bystanders: tired of Kim Kardashian falling over

Kim Kardashian, then, is shooting another advert for the folks at Skechers for those shoes that a) make you fall over and b) make your bum look smaller. We’re not sure if they’re actually working on Kim’s arse, because it’s – well – it’s exceeding prime J-Lo proportions, and that’s saying something. Still. We’re not complaining or anything.

Well, alright, we’re complaining about the shoes. But not about Kim.