Kim Kardashian was out and about last week, looking as sexy as ever (dare we say it, perhaps even more sexy than usual) as she wore a tremendously short skirt and showed off her tremendous legs for all to see.

She was judging some clothes on Project Runway, which isn’t a) secret plans for another landing strip at Heathrow or b) a badly-titled spy novel, but a telly programme. It’s a reality show where people make fancy clothes, are assessed by a panel of celebrity-esque judges, and the one who pleases the celebrity-esque judges the least is taken round the back of the studios and shot like a sick horse.

Kim Kardashian in a sexy short skirt
It's actually pretty distressing

Not really! They just get booted out the contest, as is the modus operandi of reality TV shows, which is much less exciting but we guess more legal and less likely to end in grieving families.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Kim wore a skirt that was maybe a bit too short. Not that we’re really of the opinion that a skirt can be too short, you understand (unless you’re a schoolteacher, or at a funeral or something), but rather that maybe Kim would have preferred to be wearing something a little longer on account of her sitting on a high chair in the middle of open ground.

Kim Kardashian in a sexy short skirt
"Oh Jesus I've wasted my life" man suddenly realised

Or maybe not. Maybe tantalising Basic Instinct-style glimpses are just another weapon in Kim’s bristling arsenal of sexiness, and we’re just being duped into looking. Whatever her opinion on it, enjoy the pics.