Are you a dog? No? That’s a shame, cos if you were, you might have a shot at getting onto Kim Kardashian’s good side. This we assume is a driving goal in your life. And if it isn’t, it should be, because Kim is awesome.

Evidence of Kim’s (and rather tall fiancé Kris’) love for dogs is large and obvious. Like Kris. Most recently we caught her at the Dog Park in Los Angeles. Big surprise. Yes, it’s a park for dogs. But aren’t all parks for dogs? Maybe so, but you know how good the Americans are at this sort of thing..

Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kris holding hands
AND SUDDENLY there was a picture with no reference to dogs. Almost.

So what was she doing there anyway? Another big surprise; walking dogs, admiring dogs, maybe thinking about dogs? Even giving a dog a kiss. This is an article about Kim, not dogs, you know. But since you asked... You didn’t ask? Oh.

We’re not really sure how many dogs she owns anymore (does it really matter?) but we know she’s got a baby Doberman Pinscher, called Brody.  And you are now jealous of Brody because you can see the attention he’s getting. You might be able beat him in a fight (ever had a fight with a dog?) but he’s winning on the affection front here. Brody you sly dog you…

Kim’s introduction to ‘poochdom’ was quite public, just like most of the other stuff that she does. Tweeting in December '09 she told the millions of people who follow her on Twitter: “…I have fallen in love w my baby Rocky! Now I am a total dog person! I wanna see pics!”. We anticipate she got more dog pictures out of this tweet than your local kennel’s annual photo-book.

So that’s right, Kim is a total dog person. Not a partial dog person or a mostly dog person. The real deal. And now you know. What will you do with this information?