Maybe you don’t HAVE to know precisely who these women are to read the article. Maybe the fact that they’re both really hot will have to do. Aubrey O’Day and Kim Lee are definitely worth at least your momentary attention.

Kim Lee, of The Hangover Part II and being featured on this website fame, was at a party in America. That’s a pretty standard thing for her to be doing. It was a party in aid of – fittingly – that film she was in, The Hangover Part II. Surely it’s been out basically forever, now? What can they still be celebrating? 

Kim Lee
The constant struggle towards world piece?

They lived it up big style at the Avec Night Club in California, which is a terrible name for a nightclub to have - if you’re French - and is ripe for an Abbott and Costello-esque routine which we’re going spare you by not writing.

She was with semi-famous American lady Aubrey O’Day, who we hadn’t overly heard of either before we featured her on this website back when she had a birthday party in a big pool wearing a sexy bikini. Protip, girls: if you want to be on, that’s basically all you have to do, assuming you can at least show your face in a reality TV show briefly. We’re really very open to new friends.

Aubrey O'Day and Kim Lee
If you've got time, click that link above. She's dead sexy

If you don’t have a place on a reality TV just yet, then why not check out our recently overhauled Honeys section, and send us a picture? We’re just that keen.

Until you manage to get that role on TV’s Biggest Downhill Cheese Run Extravaganza, then you’ll just have to make do with these hot, slightly famous women drinking free cocktails and looking lovely. That’ll do, right?