Why, it’s been two whole weeks since the curvaceous and sultry Kim Lee (off The Hangover 2) last graced these electronic pages. Two weeks almost to the exact hour, and yet it feels far too long. How’s Kim doing? What’s she up to? Anything newsworthy? Anything to rival the current scandals?

Well, not as such, no. Kim Lee is in the special bracket of celebrities who don’t do much except look blisteringly hot every time they’re out and about, and seem to base a career off that entirely – a bit like the as-hot-as-they-are-identical Shannon sisters, or mind-jumbling blonde tempress Sophie Turner.

Kim Lee
Well, it's a job, we guess

Which is fine by us. So we figured, seeing as it’s Wednesday again – another dark, long Wednesday stretching out before us like Marmite on a bedspread – that we could all do with cheering up. And what better way to cheer up than looking at Kim Lee before she attended the Espy awards? We can’t really think of much else that we could do for you.

Well, we could do you a little dance, we guess. But our feet are tired, and as stated previously on this site, we suck balls when it comes to dancing. We could draw you a picture, but our artistic talents sort of peaked around age 5 – Mum’s still got it up on the fridge, you’ll be pleased to hear – and our recent efforts are charmingly poor at best.

Kim Lee
Just check out the photoshopping on this

So we guess you’ll just have to make do with Kim and her fantastic body. We’re sorry for that. Just case Kim’s breathtaking curves aren’t enough to get you through, here’s a picture of a hedgehog in a measuring spoon:

Lookit the hedgehog