Aggro Santos is currently in the 'I'm A Celebrity' jungle and doing a pretty good job of keeping his sanity. We now know why. He's got Kimberley Walsh to come back to. Well, considering we take the events of the video as true to life then he has. Yes, Kimberley is Aggro's prospective love interest in the video of his new track Like U Like, released in January 2011.

Now, the narrative arc of the video contains a number of absurdities that we feel need highlighting. OK, so it takes place at a speed dating event in which Aggro and Kimberley are at adjacent tables and continually stealing glances at one another while each of their other pairings drones on interminably about themselves. Then, there's a glaring continuity error as Aggro, who now sits down opposite Kimberley, has somehow morphed into DJ attire.

Have you ever seen this woman at a speed dating event?

But the most obviously inconsistency is just what is Kimberley Walsh doing speed dating? I mean, WE are the type who goes speed dating, and why would she want to meet anybody like us? Aside from being handsome, witty, rich and exceedingly modest, we haven't really got that much going for us.

Anyway, we hope they're very happy together. Though maybe she won't quite feel the same degree of affection towards him after he's been forced to eat emu testicles, cockroach poo and kangaroo anus. Give us a kiss, love.