Vampire-bothering actress Kristen Stewart is indeed palm-deep in cement, or at least a similar substance. She's not just started a career as a builder, though. That'd be silly. We doubt she'd be able to hold enough bricks to keep up with large, bevested men.

Kristen Stewart outside LA's Chinese Theatre
Eagle-eyed readers might notice that there aren't any pictures of Kristen with her hands actually in cement in this article. Well eagle-eyed readers can SHUT UP and TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT

Kristen is instead doing one of those commemorative bits of pavement that you get in LA, of course, because her movie career is doing pretty well and she hasn't had to resort to casual labour yet. Said commemorative pavement was in aid of the Twilight series which are doubtlessly very important culturally but not something we've had any contact with past numerous adverts and that specifically-themed Treehouse of Horror episode.

Naan-faced hearthrob Robert Pattinson was sticking his hands in stuff too, as was Taylor Lautner who is also presumably in the films. He is, right? It'd be weird if he wasn't. We're tremendously underprepared for this article.

Kristen Stewart outside LA's Chinese Theatre
See? This is close to sticking your hands in cement. All the shots of her doing it were with that Pattinson guy and we didn't want to use those

Normally, we like to try stuff before we judge it (aside from Country Music, obviously, which unequivocally shite) but with the Twilight films, we kind of feel that we don't have to. There's nothing drawing us in, or even hinting that they might be in any way good aside from a way of falsely convincing a girl that you're interested in the same things as she is.1 

Maybe you just have to fancy Robert Pattinson to enjoy them.  That's probably it.

1 Protip: Don't do this. Sure, it sounds bearable at first, but four years down the line you're likely to snap at an arts and crafts fair and kill several in a homicidal rampage