Kristen Stewart took some time out of her busy schedule of being seduced by sparkly bloodsuckers in Twilight to attend the Costume Institute’s Annual Benefit Gala in New York. As you do.

What’s The Costume Institute's Annual Benefit Gala, we hear you ask? From what we’ve figured out, it’s like “the Oscars but for fashion,” and also it’s all for funding some sort of museum collection as the tickets cost about ten thousand dollars each which is then presumably spent on old clothes for the museum. 

If you need any more info, feel free to watch the instructional video above. But don’t let the complexities of the issue at hand bother you. Just look at the pictures if you want.

Kristen Stewart looks pale and interesting at the The Costume Institute's 2011 Gala
Pictures like this one of sexy Kristen Stewart

So Kristen Stewart’s getting all dressed up to go out, and she’s thinking (probably) “Hey, I was voted #6 in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women last year. I can afford to show off a little leg. In fact, let’s go all out; let’s show off basically all of my leg in this sexy red dress with a slit up the side. It’s a bit scandalous, but I reckon I’m awesome enough to pull this off.”

And she rocks up to the Gala, having paid her thousands of dollars and looking damn sexy, and then - BOO-YAH. Rihanna shows up. Rihanna shows up wearing this:

Rihanna shows some skin at the 2011 Costume Institute's 2011 Gala
Stair Man: Unimpressed

Rihanna’s dress is so high-cut that it’s literally missing a side. There just isn’t a right hand side on Rihanna’s dress. And to think she only placed #43 last year. Maybe she’s pushing for a higher vote, which is a shame, because the polls closed ages ago and she’s got no chance of upping her score. Still, full marks for effort!

The girls probably weren’t in any actual sexy dress competition, as the headline implies, but we reckon if they were it’d be like school sports days where everyone wins by taking part. Although, in another (more real) way, Rihanna definitely won. What do you reckon?

Rihanna shows some skin at the 2011 Costume Institute's 2011 Gala
Munchkins: surprisingly well-dressed