Good news! Kristin Cavallari has been playing table tennis. Why is it good news? Because she was preparing for a photo shoot (with table tennis). And photo shoots with Kristin are always a good thing. Strange though, to be playing on a blue coloured table – we’re pretty sure that the table is meant to be green, to simulate the grass and help you pretend that you are winning some wonderfully surreal Gulliver’s Travels version of Wimbledon where all the laws of physics are wrong and you are at least 100 foot tall…

Anyway, Kirstin recently announced her engagement to Jay Cutler, a quarterback for the Chicago Bulls (that’s American Football, if you were wondering). They got engaged in late April and are now planning to marry in Chicago next spring.

She’s recently been seen running down Malibu beach (apparently to shape up for her wedding). The T-shirt said  'Move Your A**' (yes, stars included) – and we like to think that the shirt was giving her instructions. But here’s the good news Kristin, you seem shapely enough to us already! Well done. Have some wedding cake in advance for your troubles.

Kristin Cavallari playing ping pong
Cameraman was unaware of the pain about to befall him

Kirstin’s probably most famous for starring roles on the former MTV programs Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and its spin-off, The Hills. She is pretty good at being on TV, and has appeared in numerous one off roles in on shows like CSI: NY, Vericona Mars and Adventures in Hollyhood.

But there are burning table tennis questions now to be answered. Who was she playing against? Did she win? Has she got the ping pong skills? Does reality TV make you better at sports? All a mystery.