So, Kristin Cavallari likes fighting, eh? That’s good, cos we like fighting as well. Maybe we could meet up one day and have a big happy fight together? We could bring some strategically placed mud and a whole bunch of girls. A bit like King of the Ring, but with more sexy.

Anyhow, we think all this fighting has a reason, and we’re going to guess what. You see Kristin’s been busy lately getting ready for her wedding. She could be training for it. Maybe she’s intending to do something unexpected and a bit violent at the wedding reception. Get things sorted with the in-laws early, right? Mix it up a bit. Could be fun.

Anyway, if this photo is something to go by, it looks like she’s taken to punch ups with a disembodied floating arm in a blue shirt. This, we assume, suggests that she’s got some serious martial arts skills. Like Bruce Lee, but with slightly less screaming and bleeding, maybe. Cos it’d be hard to beat an arm that could float all on its own, right? Of course, this floating appendage may actually be her personal trainer, cunningly cropped out of the shot by a zealous photo editor. But we much prefer the idea that she’s doing battle with floating body parts for glorious justice, and we’re sure you do too.

Kristin Cavallari kicking a hand
Things started to get difficult for Kristen when Disembodied Floating Arm got a grip on her leg.

So, imagine yourself as Kristin. How would you beat said floating appendage? It’s kinda scary. Do you think it would feel pain? How exactly would it stay afloat? Would it be all speedy and erratic in its movements? What style of fighting do you think would work best against a floating arm trying to do you ill? We think you’d want to focus on grappling so it couldn’t get away and then maybe try and stamp on it a bit.

Yeah, we’re rooting for Kristin.