Ahh Kylie Minogue. What a wonderful ray of sunshine. All smiling and Australian charms. The perfect ambassador to raise awareness about breast cancer, which, not being most cheerful subject in the world, needs to be attacked with happiness and SCIENCE. Enter Kylie, who has the power of happiness and since her graduation, the power of SCIENCE..

Kylie was diagnosed with cancer herself in 2005 but after chemo and surgery, eventually received the all clear. Hooray! Since then she's been spreading the word and doing good things to help the research going into curing this bastard. 

Kylie Minogue graduating and wearing mortarboard plus gown

We're sure she's been heaped with lavish praise and rewards already, but her most recent recognition comes from Anglia Ruskin University. They've given her an honorary Doctorate of Health Science, and she graduated alongside 224 other new doctors, wearing the fancy gown, hat and everything! 

Which leads us to the next point of note - Kylie is now a GP.

OK so, she isn't really a GP, but we like the idea of that very much. 

Imagine her as your family doctor. She'd be better than House. Administering antihistamine shots in her cheerful way, giving small children lollypops. Everyone would look forward to going to the doctor to see their favourite MD. They might even start injuring themselves or trying to get ill, so that again they could spend more time in the medical surgery with Kylie. It'd get really weird. People do crazy things.

Kylie Minogue signing autographs at graduation ceremony
Signing autographs before collecting your doctorate? Winning

Of course, none of this is going to actually happen and she's probably going to just keep singing songs and being famous and stuff. And that's OK.

And - graduating alongside Kylie Minogue? Probably an auspicious start to your medical career...