Kylie Minogue's quite a character, ain't she? 

She's forty-two years old which, when you look at her, is frankly astonishing. Think how long ago it was that she was playing 'Charlene' in Neighbours and singing "Everybody's doin' a brand new dance now (C'mon baby, do the loco-motion)". Bleedin' ages ago, that's how long ago it was. 

Her songs did improve a bit from there, which was a good job, really - she'd have been unlikely to get an OBE "for services to music" for that little number. 

Who'd have thought that 137 years on we'd be salivating at the prospect of her calendar adorning our bedroom wall for the 12 months 2011 will almost certainly contain?

Calendars like this are a bit weird really, when you think about it. We always thought the idea of calendars was to write down things you need to remember to do, like:

21st January - buy bread
11th February - mum's birthday
2nd March - renew car insurance
1st April - April Fool's Day; don't get merked by wily pals

...and so on and so on.

But on these calendars there's virtually no room to write anything, unless you scribble all over the space around Kylie's shapely frame, which would make the whole thing look significantly less stylish.

So really, these calendars look nice but are largely pointless. Hmm, nice little segue into a thoroughly more interesting tangent.... Things that are pretty but pointless. So much to cover here.  

Oh, drat, we've run out of words and time. Here's another picture instead. 

Upside down Kylie: coz she's Australian and that, y'see?