You might remember us going mental about the return of Kylie Minogue a few weeks ago, some of you might have scoffed at the prospect at the time but you were all wrong. Make no mistake about it, she's back. And what's more she's bloody sexier than ever.

Check out her video for new song Sexercize above - essentially the sexiest bit of gym work you'll ever lay your eyeballs on. 

Here's everything that went through our heads when we watched it the first time around....

This is always an excellent sign that the video is going to be awesome.


The packaging product placement for this sexy lingerie and bodysuit company makes it look like it's actually a printing paper company.


Kylie’s gym apparently forgot to pay their electricity bill.


Phallic symbol alert.


Totally inappropriate gym footwear.


Kylie is erm… flexible.


Never let a pair of stupidly high heels hold you back…


This manages to look both sexy and exhausting all at the same time.


tAtu homage alert


Kylie’s levitating or something.


This literally never ever happens when we go to the gym.


We appreciate they’re all wearing heels and trying to be sexy but these are the worst ‘jogging-on-the-spot’ arms we’ve ever seen.




Kylie recently said that she’s lost her famous shapely bum. She’s a liar.


Flesh coloured leotard that tricks you into thinking she’s naked alert.


The woman behind Kylie is totally checking her out.




We’d like to believe that this Yoga position is called The Kinky Rocking Horse


More tAtu tributes.


Blink and you’ll miss it sex face.


Those shoes don’t fit her.

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