Happy Friday, everyone! To celebrate another week of wildly fluctuating weather, we’ve got exclusive access to a sexy video from fresh young Irish pop star Havana. Take a look!

It’s a video for her new song Dance Like That – the Dance Version of it, even – which is set to be released this summer. Within, she asks us where we “learned to dance like that,” a question we’re more than happy to answer.

Here is Havana dancing near a car

Havana, it may come as a surprise to hear that our dance stylings are entirely self-taught. That’s right. We didn’t study under Spanish flamenco maestros, or endure the arduous torture of ballet academies, or even join a street-based breakdancing guild. This is 100 percent original FHM.

The ill-advised arrhythmic hip-shaking? We came up with that on our own. Doing the hand-jive ironically to R&B songs? All us. Doing actions to sync up with the words in the chorus? Yep. All our own work.

Here she is emerging sexily from a pool

We’re even responsible for our trademark 'flailing around wildly like a gibbon on fire' move which has impressed and indeed even knocked over many fellow club-goers. We didn’t learn that out of some book. They just don’t teach the way we dance in books, Havana.

We’re happy we could answer her question, and we hope that you enjoyed the appropriately sexy accompanying video which has the Cuban-monikered beauty wearing a series of increasingly revealing outfits and getting down and funky in sunny Marbella. Although her dance style seems to involve much more in the way of sultry touching and writhing, and not enough air-punching and jumping up and down for our tastes.

And here she is covered in spiders (not pictured)

Still, not everyone can be as good at dancing as we are. Keep at it, Havana!