For most people, if they got only one waxwork made for them in the duration of their lives, they could sit back comfortably in the knowledge that they'd done OK. Unless they got one in the psychopath's section, but even they would be pleased by the immortalized notoriety that would entail. Now, we know Lady Gaga is not in the realms of 'ordinary people'. She certainly doesn't think she is. So the news that Madame Tussauds will be launching eight replica models of her at different locations around the world is not really that surprising. Now if there was one on every street corner, that would be impressive. Although arrests for kerb-crawling would skyrocket.

Lady Gaga to be made into eight waxworks

She dominated at Sunday night's MTV Europe Awards, picking up gongs for 'Best Female', 'Best Pop Act' and 'Best Song'. Currently on tour in Budapest, she could not attend the awards ceremony, but apparently had thank-you speeches ready for every award, 'Best Male' included. When Justin Bieber was announced as winner, she was overheard sneering that she's more of a man than he'll ever be. Well, that's not difficult. A barbie doll has got more testosterone than Justin. But he's only young. Give him a break. Some people are late developers. We only stopped playing with Teddy at twenty, and that was only when he was prised out of our hands on the promise that we'd be getting the whole Teletubbies set. We got a Furby instead. How we tried to love it. But after irreconcilable differences and an accidental knock to the head we were forced to take it to Dignitas.