Lady Gaga is queen of Twitter now apparently, with 5,781,066 people following @ladygaga at the time of writing (which includes us, but don't tell anyone, yeah?) @FHM_UK on the other hand is just trailing behind her with 14,674 followers.

There isn't much else to it really, Britney Spears was leading for a little while, but then all the media were saying how Lady Gaga was poised to overtake her, which probably made her kooky fans start campaigns to get her to number one. Well, it worked, and the phenomena of Lady Gaga continues and we're still don't really know why.

Here are a few of her latest Tweets:

1 \ "Vegas tonight, gambling and inappropriate attire to ensure. why am i so jealous of strip club stage production."

2 \ "for their personal views on any politics or religion, this group in particular to me, is violent and dangerous."

3 \ "Ok, this is the most amazing tattoo of all time."

It's not quite are interesting as our tweets about desk spillages, but it doesn't mater, we've sure the masses will realise that soon enough.

Anyway, here some pictures of her with her bits out:

Here's a gallery of Lady Gaga. Have a look yeah.