Oh Lady Gaga, you are so very WACKY. You with your silly outfits. How your dad must despair. And, based on the outfit you wore to the MTV Awards, how dogs must follow you home gnawing on your shoes. Because you wore a dress mate of meat, or at least something meat adjacent, you BIG LOON.

But you did win lots of awards, so clearly you are doing something right. You won Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, Best Dance Music Video, Best Choregraphy, Best Direction, Best Editing and Music Video of the Year for Bad Romance. It is an undeniably tremendous video, so well done to you. However, it seems a bit daft that you can win in so many different categories, and your oeuvre probably doesn't strictly count as dance music, even though lots of people do dance to it when drunk. Look a bit happier, Lady Gaga. It's a good night, even if you have got a slab of sirloin on your head.

And you've got meat shoes. Nobody else in the world has got meat shoes