You should know who Lana Del Rey is. Really, you should. While some musicians are just on the cusp of getting big, Lana's so close to the edge of bigness that she has to duck her head when she enters a low-ceilinged room. She's so nearly massive that she's eyeing up small cars before she gets into them, worried that if she finally makes it big during the car journey she's going to be uncomfortable for the rest of the way.

Lana Del Rey in Cologne, Germany
She'd have sore knees and everything

Lana Del Rey does sad music. Not in a mopey, gosh-I'm-interestingly-dark-fancy-a-shag The Cure sort of way. More sad in the way that you wake up at half eleven on a Sunday, and the bleak sunlight creeps through your drawn curtains into the bedroom that you were meant to clean up this weekend but didn't, and you realise that the day's already half gone and you're going to have to go back to work soon and WAAAH. Genuine, down-to-earth, accesible bleakness and ennui.

Is that what you want? Maybe not. Maybe you're into happy upbeat songs about having fun and dancing with your girl. Maybe you don't need to supplement your already sad ride into work with a sad soundtrack to drink your sad coffee with.1 That's okay. But Lana Del Rey is going to be pretty huge pretty soon, and you should do one of two things to prepare:

Lana Del Rey in Cologne, Germany
Or, you know, neither of these things

1) Try to get into it - try having your girlfriend leave you because you don't pay enough attention and your inescapable differences eventually drive you apart in an amicable, but distressing, breakup - buy her album, go watch her in concert (like in these shots taken in Germany, but you'll be watching her in England maybe) and listen to her songs, like Video Games, below.2 Weep often, in an introspective and melancholic way.

2) Completely ignore her, despite her sad songs getting played all over the radio, and up your cheery music content. Hire Mr Scruff to follow you around and mix a continually happy mix of his music, blended with some Lemon Jelly and Goldfish. If someone looks a bit sad, ignore them.

1 Two sad sugars please
2 Video Games features almost no video game related content and in fact casts them in a fairly negative light. Hey Lana, maybe if you stopped moping all the time your boyfriend wouldn't have had to cheer himself up by playing on his Xbox, you thought of that?