It's one of life's great mysteries: How would us Brits stand a chance of charming a Brazilian hottie?

This month, we put that very question to FHM Girlfriend Laura, the Brasilia-born, beer-drinking, wanderlusting bookworm.

To read her answers, and to see her outrageously sexy shoot, check out this month's issue.

For now, here are a couple of sneaky peeks and Laura's 5 favourite things:

Her favourite Brazilian: "Izabel Goulart. She has the perfect body."

Her favourite beer:
"Heineken but I love Polander too."

Her favourite DJ: "Fritz Kalkbrenner. I love German deep house DJs."

Her favourite book:
"Harry Potter. That was my childhood. These days, I prefer historical romances."

Her favourite sport:
"I used to play a lot of volleyball at school. In fact, I used to play everything. I've done ballet, jude, karate, boxing and soccer. Now I do a lot of yoga and pilates."

In love yet?

FHM Girlfriend Laura

fhm girlfriend laura

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