A lot of noise is being made at the moment for Vanessa Huppenkothen, a reporter for the Mexican station Televisa. Many have already called her the hottest presenter at the World Cup.

She's super hot, there's no denying, but we think someone's been seriously overlooked here.

Now, we know this isn't a competition. Well, it IS but…you know what we mean.

TV presenter and former FHM Would Wife Layla Anna-Lee has jetted off to Brazil to host a World Cup series for KickTV and Adidas.

If you haven't seen Layla Anna-Lee before, you’ll have almost certainly heard her as the multi-lingual voice of the London 2012 Olympics. She was the one who helped us through the correct pronunciation of every country during the opening ceremony and told us when to stand to attention for the national anthem.

And as the above gallery shows, she's absolutely, face-meltingly hot. And not just because she's running around in 30-degree heat right now.

So watch out for her making this year's World Cup even more amazing.