Musical comedy-drama Glee isn’t a programme that troubles our Sky Plus very often. It normally gives us dreams about ‘doing a Dunblane’ on an American high-school rather than erotic trysts with a sexy tattoo-covered chick. But that could be about to change, thanks to a certain Lea Michele.

The 24-year-old has posed for a saucy little shoot in Marie Claire, in which the attention is drawn from her much-maligned schnoz and placed firmly on her smashing little ink-adorned body.

Lea had her first tattoo when she was 16 and now has nine.

"They’re all tiny. I mean, you saw me in the shoot today, I was practically nude. Did you see any? No. I’m telling you, I have nine. All so, so, so little."

She’s up for making it an even 10. ‘I’ve been thinking about it for a while and my poor boyfriend – I’m always like, “What shall I do next?” And he’s like, “I don’t know!”.’

Wow, they like, have some really, like, heavy chat.

Michelle says she just has to laugh when the script writers make fun of her nose – but there are some taunts she won’t take.

"When they always talk about my boobs being too small, I’m like, OK, if we’re going to talk about this then let’s be real – Rachel doesn’t have the smallest boobs in the club, although that wouldn’t be a problem if she did, but they keep saying that she does and I’m like, “It’s not true!”.

Sorry, Lea, we’ll interrupt you there with a quick note for non-Glee fans: Rachel is her character and ‘the club’ is the Glee club the show’s based on. You carry on now, sweetie. 

"I mean, they’re not big, but they always talk about how small they are. But they always say I have a great butt, which I really do like."

So, small boobs are bad. But great butts are, well, great. Spare a though for small-boobed bad-butted Janice Dickinson.

You can see the whole shoot in the November issue of Marie Claire, or save yourself £3.50 and look at it on their website.

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